2010 Yearbook

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The 2010 Merlin Awards had a grand finale at the New Year's Eve Countdown Party at the Singapore Flyer, when Sir Lawrence Khong and Lady Priscilla Khong were crowned as the Magicians of The Year 2010 with the Elite Diamond Merlin Awards.

The Elite Diamond Merlin Award event was covered by major media in Singapore and was broadcast by the country’s leading TV and radio stations.  The father and daughter illusionist team, with their mega-illusion show, have traveled and performed all over the world including China, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Macao. In 2005 and 2006, they toured the United States of America with Magic of Love.


Criss Angel - Magician of The Decade, Elite Diamond Merlin Award


Luis de Matos - Illusionist of The Decade, Elite Diamond Merlin Award


Max Maven - Mentalist of The Decade, Elite Diamond Merlin Award


Paul Kozak - Comedy Magician of The Decade


Sir Lawrence Khong - Magician of The Year, Elite Diamond Merlin Award


Lady Priscilla Khong - Female Magician of The Year, Elite Diamond Merlin Award


Lu Chen, Most Original Magician


Jeff McBride, Most Innovative Magic Show


Eugene Burger, Close-Up Magician of The Year


Harry Lorayne, Lifetime Achievement


Juan Mayoral, Most Innovative Magic


Deddy Corbuzier, Mentalist of The Year


Marco Tempest, Best Contemporary Magician


John Taylor, Illusionist of The Year


Fukai, Outstanding Contributions to Magic


Albert Tam, Outstanding Contributions to Magic


Dirk Losander, Classic Magician of The Year


Ernesto Planas, Most Charismatic Performer


The Fercos Brothers, Best Magic With Exotic Animals


Brad Ross, Best Family Entertainer


David Koenig, Best Radio Magic


Tony Clark & Paul Reder, Best Magic Show Producers


Xavier Giro, First Place Most Original; Riga, Latvia Competition


Timothy Trust, First Place Stage Magi; Riga, Latvia Competition


Jimmy Kikuchi, First Place Cabaret Magic; Riga, Latvia Competition


Fairy Star, Best Cultural Magic; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Competition


Jorinn Chee, Best Female Magical Entertainer; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Competition


Liong Ket Foei, Best Comedy Magic Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Competition


Liu Guan Hua, President of Happy Valley Shenzhen, Best Magic Festival In China


Ru Xian, Best Female Illusionist China


Rizuki, Best Female Magician Indonesia


Jeff Lee, Best Cabaret Magician Taiwan


Tse Tow Joon Yeen, Best Close-Up Magician Brunei


Louis Yan, Best Stage Magic Hong Kong


Ali Raj, Best Family Magic Show Bangladesh


Leow Fee Loong, Lifetime Achievement Malaysia


Vincent Tan, Best Magic Organzier Malaysia


Mamada, Best Family Magic Thailand


Raymond Iong, Best Family Magic Show Macau


Sergey Tsymbalist, Best Family Magic Show Ukraine


Bone Ho, Best Manipultions Vietnam


Joshua Jay, Outstanding Contributions to Magic Literature


Tora, Best Magic Manufacturer



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